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Ready to give up or feel like you're just getting started?

For some of us, this gig is hard. Whether a friend sent you to this site or you stumbled across the page in the middle of the night as tears are streaming down your face ... you just found someone who understands. Look around to see if Christine might be just the cheerleader you are looking for.

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

Christine coaches parents with common struggles and issues, yet since 2008 she has also had experience parenting children who have come from "the hard places." This very specific type of parenting is extremely effective and positive for children who have experienced loss, pain, trauma, abuse or neglect in early childhood. In simple terms, therapeutic parenting is a way you can interact with your child to create healing opportunities. These interactions will help them feel safe, learn how to express their emotions and start to experience healthy, growing attachment. Therapeutic parenting also challenges you to discover your own obstacles to creating this space. Christine has walked this path. She understands how difficult it can be. One of her greatest gifts is balancing support and understanding with gentle nudges.

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Chaos to Healing

“Chaos to Healing: Therapeutic Parenting 101″ is a 90-minute DVD which gives you practical ideas on how to create the space these children need most.

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