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Lest We Forget …

From a blog post on July 4, 2009 I get in the middle of life, and I forget. I watch the kids playing with their Webkinz, and I forget. I get really, really annoyed by some nonsense chatter, and I forget. I find myself immune to the little bitty controlling behaviors throughout the day, and I forget. Then, a child starts to act out. I know to “rewind” and help them back up so they can tell me what it […]


Finding words for the pain

Taken from a blog post on June 29, 2009 My kid set off their door alarm last night. Not to use the bathroom. Just … well, it’s a great way to get attention from the entire house at once. *ugh* We had a conversation we have had before. Identifying the feelings. Talking about what we could’ve done differently. Creating a plan for the next time the big feeling comes. We will have it again. Probably a lot. I’ll be writing […]