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Making Conferences Possible

Originally posted March 17, 2011   I have an idea. A brilliant idea and one that I believe will be well-received and supported by many people who surround you. There are so many parents who desperately need something like the Parenting in Space Conference that is just around the corner, in Chicago (notice the subtle plug … perhaps because I’m gonna’ BE there?!?). Yet, they can barely get their shirt on straight every morning. If they aren’t spending their extra […]

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There Is No Magic Pill, Right?

Originally posted April 29, 2014   If you are like me, you are an animal when it comes to seeking out help for your kids.  From struggles with learning, to finding clothes that fit right as their bodies grow and change, to learning about all the therapy options for mental and emotional health issues … we advocate for the little and the big. (photo by Tibor Fazakas; used with permission) I touted mindfulness mediation almost a year ago when I wrote: […]


They Would Behave Better if They Could

Originally posted January 28, 2014 I have worked my way through the book “The Behavior Code:  A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students” by Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport.  It is the first book in a long time that I highly recommend to parents (whether your kids are in public school or you homeschool), teachers, school counselors and other professionals in the field. I initially bought it to help support the school one of my children […]


We’re All In This Together

I received this message on Facebook in January of 2011 and begged, cried and pleaded politely asked if I could reprint it. Be encouraged. My son is 12 now, he came to me at age 10 through foster care, and he has RAD. And today I am tired and cranky and I found myself taking the bait when he was trying to make me angry. I know better, really, I do… but I found myself arguing with him about who used […]