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The Pain Is Primal

This is a tough quote to swallow. Many people want to scream that we shouldn’t let certain things define us. Yet, we have to allow adoptees to speak the truth of EXACTLY how they feel – each of them, individually. They deserve that freedom so they can then find healing. We cannot discredit or try to redefine their truth. We hurt them more when we do that. Sadly, the triad tends to lean in favor of adoptive parents. Lest we […]

Hold Your Nose, If You Must

Originally posted on June 9, 2011   We all have defaults. Things we do without thinking. They pop right out of us in times of big emotions. Our defaults are EASY! My defaults are the exact opposite of therapeutic parenting. Heck, they’re the opposite of “kind,” “compassionate,” “thoughtful” and “patient” on many days. Stopping myself from my default is hard. I have come to realize that I have to work on myself and why these are my defaults so that […]

We Can Only Ever Be ‘Good Enough’

“Maybe we’ll remember that we can only, ever, be ‘good enough.’ That part of our practice of being therapeutic means we’ll only aim to hit it 75% of the time. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll forgive ourselves for the other 25%. Maybe we’ll just let it go. Or we’ll encourage the letting-go in each other.” – Billy Kaplan

I Can’t Do This

Originally posted in January of 2011 Today I am reminding myself of a piece of my own advice: When you are thinking (screaming), “I CAN’T DO THIS!” – do whatever it takes to turn that into, “WHY can’t I do this?” You guys don’t think I blog this crap for YOU, do you? Nope. It’s for me. I ignore my own videos. I pretend to forget my own advice. Therapeutic parenting does get easier and more natural the more you […]


No Me Want To!

Originally posted in January of 2011 *the title of this post is ripped from the preschool dialect of my friend’s daughter – a kid from the hard places who, when she is not thrilled about something, always starts her sentence with, “No me want to!” which is now a favorite catch phrase in our home – and should really be on a t-shirt* I have met a lot of people over the years that have a really bad opinion of […]