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What Healing Really Looks Like

Originally posted on April 18, 2011 A few years back I listened/watched a Nancy Thomas audio or DVD (sorry, I can’t be more specific!). In that, somewhere, she was talking about kids as they are healing. She made the comment that some kids have one last big “hurrah” … almost as one final test to make sure this whole love and trust thing is for real. That stuck with me. It stuck with me like the time a lady looked […]

Surviving Vacation

Originally published on June 29, 2011 Whoa Nelly, we did it! Seven people. One minivan. Eleven days on the road. Twenty-five hundred miles. Now, I realize that many of your are thinking, “I don’t even parent trauma, and that sounds like a nightmare.” I get it. I was unbelievably excited and yet, a wee bit terrified out of my knickers, as we prepped for this thing. Here is how we were able to have a great time: PREP We kept […]


Summer Time, When the Living is … *Deep Breath*

Originally posted July 6, 2014 I am experiencing something right now that so many of you do every year. However, it is brand new to me. I have a child attending public school, so this is my first “have them home all summer” thing. Normally, all of my kids are here all the time, and you just learn to pace yourself. I’ve written before that we needed to make some changes for everyone, and this was a great decision. No […]


Oh Right, Mother’s Day

Originally posted in May 2012     We can do this. You’re not alone. It’s not fair to any of us.  It’s hard for everyone in this walk. Let’s try to remember that. Allow space for that.

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