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Being What We Want

This was originally posted on September 9, 2012, after returning from a two-week trip to Burning Man After my return from my longest trip ever in the history of EVER, our family had to do some tweaking with a few things.  One of our kids continues to struggle with some very specific issues.  As many of you have done, we turned over every stone, we addressed things piece by piece and we have been seeking therapy for a significant amount […]

Nothing’s Fine, I’m Torn

Originally posted June 15, 2012   We have a theme in the house lately. Big feelings are coming out in tears.  As in tearing things … not crying.  Rips.  Sometimes when one child expresses their pain in a unique way, another will pick up on it and join them.  So, just today I have seen torn fabric twice.  Two different kids.  Two different situations.  Both representative of what they’re feeling. Over the last several weeks we watched a gaping hole […]


Empathy Instead of Angry

“It’s very hard to be empathic and murderously angry at the same time.” – Hope Stedman (ThirtySomething)


They Never Factored In Your Family

“Our NC neuropsych office reminded us often that while our son has a profile similar to an early Hitler, Manson type person … it is the same beginnings of Helen Keller.  How we respond, where we are willing to meet him at – makes all the difference. I will never forget the day the Psych put his hands on the table and leaned in to me sitting there softly crying … he said, ‘The statistics are stacked against him. The odds of him overcoming […]