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It’s PACE, Not Just ‘P’

Originally posted June 17, 2013   (photo by Katherine Evans; used with permission) My friend, Billy, always tells a story of one of his clients who was having some very big feelings during a session.  Billy became very playful again and again, to see if he could help the child pull out of the “stuck” place he appeared to be in.  The kid finally called him on it and said something to the tune of, “You couldn’t handle it!” He got […]



Originally posted May 31, 2013   I currently feel like I’m drowning in life. Probably because I am.  It’s been mollasses thick, lately. I believe that the hardest things we experience are always easiest to tackle if we can find a way to live in a vacuum.  Life would be so much easier if we were just handed one big problem at a time.  Yet, the second one other tiny piece of your life has a complication, then the other, […]


Join and Follow to Lead

Originally posted November 8, 2005   Sir, I See That You’re Waving a Gun – Are you Angry? Ahhhhh … foster care training. Another class last night. This was actually the Part 1 of last month’s class (see the whole “Do you like it on top or on bottom” post). We missed it last month because we were running our son to the ER with what the dr. said would turn out to be either a serious medical condition …. […]



“In my work with parents I have found that yelling actually does not help us deal with our pain – it’s a cover-up. When we do control our impulse to yell or punish, and respond compassionately, we sometimes are fortunate to feel the pain and even cry.” – Naomi Aldort