Thinking On Your Feet

Originally posted in February of 2011


The basic rules of improv theater … are key and fundamental to therapeutic parenting.” –

Billy Kaplan, LCSW

I keep munching on this.

The basics of improv theater are:

Learning a new way of thinking

Respect for others in negotiations or transactional relationships

Being “in the moment“

Make positive choices that keep doors open

Proactive listening as opposed to passive or even responsive listening

Trusting one another to do the right thing

Benefiting from watching the other guy’s back.
You don’t have to have a natural gift for thinking on your feet. You just have to be willing to try, and practice it regularly so you can be BETTER at it. Even if that means you are better than really, really sucking at it. That is success!
(photo by rubenshito, used with permission)