Sometimes There Is A Tantrum

Originally posted on July 21, 2011 after our family had experienced a day of fun!


We all knew there would be some residual effects from last week’s fun-for-everyone. Sure enough, there was a pretty big meltdown in the car today.

The culprit is a lovely gal. She was showing signs of fatigue yesterday. Everyone could tell her tone was getting snappy and sassy. She did not sleep well last night, which just added to the existing crankiness. Today, as we all arrived at the library, the pudding hit the fan.

She. melted. down.

She cried. She went on a five minute rant about how no one appreciates her. She bemoaned how tired and sick she feels and yet still had to come to the stupid library for everyone else.

She cried some more.

She ranted some more.

And then she put the car into “park” and told everyone to go inside before they missed the ventriloquist show. 😉


Guess I better start thinking through how I’m going to make repairs for my behavior.