They Never Factored In Your Family

Our NC neuropsych office reminded us often that while our son has a profile similar to an early Hitler, Manson type person … it is the same beginnings of Helen Keller.  How we respond, where we are willing to meet him at – makes all the difference.

I will never forget the day the Psych put his hands on the table and leaned in to me sitting there softly crying … he said, ‘The statistics are stacked against him. The odds of him overcoming this are bleak, the potential he has to be jail as a murderer or rapist at a young age are extremely high,’ (he paused), ‘but the statics, the odds, the predictions didn’t factor in him being placed in a loving home that would fight for him, advocate for him, and continue to love during the ugly. Those statistics don’t apply to your son, because they never factored in your family'”

– Jillian at Rooted in Love