What is Coaching?



July 4, 2019 – I am currently taking a break from providing regular coaching services. I’m doing other types of work and simply don’t have as much flexibility. You may text (830-263-0033) or email me (christinemoers@hotmail.com) to see if I might have possible calendar space on short notice. I am still accepting speaking engagements on a very limited basis. Please follow that tab above for more information. 





All coaching sessions happen via Skype, Google+ Hangout, FaceTime or over the phone.

If you are feeling frustrated as a parent or caregiver, Christine can walk with you through those struggles.  She has been parenting since 1998, including several years as a foster parent for the state of Texas. Her creativity  and experience has been a gift to many people, as they try to figure out their next step in this crazy ride we call “raising kids.”  Whether it is utilizing some Love & Logic ideas, or learning how to emotion coach your child, Christine will listen to your concerns and help you tailor-fit some approaches that might be the positive shift your home needs.

Christine has also been parenting children with a history of trauma since 2008.  She understands how isolating it can be. She understands how unexplainably frustrating it can be.  She understands how utterly exhausting it can be.  And when a highly recommended book tells you what to do in the moment, she knows exactly how impossible it can feel to do that thing in the moment.  She has been there. In many ways, she is still there.  She is still loving her kids through the residual effects of their early traumas.

Photo Apr 03, 8 50 57 PMChristine is not a therapist.  She is a supplement to what your family is already doing in therapy.  A cheerleader.  A brainstormer. An encourager. A coach.

Things you will not experience in parent coaching with Christine:

  • Feeling like this is your fault
  • Medical advice
  • Support or discussion of corporal punishment
  • Support or discussion of holding therapy or restraint techniques
  • Support of interactions which could potentially shame your child

When talking with Christine, you will experience:

  • Encouragement that you have been doing the very best you can
  • Support for you, as you determine your own triggers
  • Brainstorming practical therapeutic ideas to create an environment of healing
  • A safe place to admit just how truly discouraged and miserable you feel
  • Love and support coupled with gentle nudging to keep you moving forward

How does that sound?  Is this what you’re looking for?  Feel free to schedule a session. I provide online coaching with anyone around the world.