Schedule a Session!

All coaching sessions happen via Skype, Google+ Hangout, FaceTime or over the phone. I can coach with anyone, anywhere in the world.

The fee schedule for coaching with Christine Moers (these also apply to consultations with professionals):

New client first session (one hour) – $29.95
Returning client (one hour) – $24.95
Referral (referral code must be provided) – $19.95

If you are able and would like to pay more than the base rate for a session, you may do so after we meet. The day after our session you will receive an email including a link to my “tip jar” and can choose an additional amount at that time.

Any advertised special rates will appear after clicking the button below. 

By clicking the button below, you will soon be looking directly at my calendar for the next few weeks. This system allows you to schedule your own appointment, at your convenience.

Do you have an emergency and are hoping to visit with me as soon as possible? You may text me at (830) 263-0033 with:

1) Your first and last name
2) Whether or not you are a first time or returning client
3) Your current circumstances which have you needing an emergency session

I make no guarantees as to whether or not I will be able to get back to you about a session sooner than what my current schedule is showing. However, occasionally I have availability and am able to work in clients at the last minute. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, I suggest simply scheduling through the “Book Now” button above.