“After reading her posts and watching her youtube videos, I had my first call/session with Christine today. Hard to describe the gratitude I feel connecting with another mom who is raising kids that are trying to find their new path forward after living in trauma. My oldest, a teenager, is challenging any former naive notion I had of what my life as an adoptive mom would be–wow! Christine is down-to-earth, wise beyond her years, funny, and open to sharing her wounds and her triumphs so we can all be better. Once we know better, we do better. Thank you, Christine.” – Connie (November 2016)

“Christine’s approach to therapeutic parenting, her video’s and examples are excellent tools. I frequently recommend her to parents who are needing that bit of encouragement and the knowledge that someone gets it. Christine also provides one on one phone coaching and occasionally there are web chats. I highly recommend her for parents struggling with behaviors and techniques to use with their children who come from a traumatic background.” – Heather Richardson, Regional Parent Liaison Adopt4Life, (October 2016)

“Christine is beyond awesome. I shared some of her tips with our attachment therapists and THEY started taking notes. This is some seriously-worth-your-time stuff here. You leave a session feeling like…. I’ve got this!” – Kimberly (April 2014)

“Christine is amazing and really knows what she is talking about! She gives sage advice for healing kids and helping families.” – Karen Doyle Buckwalter, Director of Program Strategy at Chaddock residential treatment facility (April 2014)

I read every parenting book on the shelf at my local library and came to one conclusion: Your kids aren’t my kids. Christine’s unique, individualized approach takes into account all the little things about my kids that make them special…and challenging.

Christine Moers combines those two essential parts of good coaching: inspiration AND practical tips. When I come away from her, I feel good about my parenting journey and I have concrete ideas that I can use immediately to make progress with my kids. She is uniquely able to empathize and empower. That is a gift you won’t find in a parenting book or seminar.” – Mandy (2013)

While you are fighting this war for your children’s souls, for healing and hope, and thinking you are alone, finding Christine is like finding a Veteran to that war, she has survived and made it out to the other side. She held my hand through my daughters multiple suicide attempts. She held the closet door cheering and whooping as I emerged a proud confident Mama parenting trauma. Not only did she cheer me on, she provided me with much needed resources and support systems of other parents and therapists that were like a life raft in an Ocean of no one ‘getting it.’ Christine becomes that voice in your head reminding you what you already know, choosing love, curiosity and understanding…rooting for you and your children all the while.” – Lindsay (2012)

I can honestly say that Christine’s expertise has changed our entire household for the better. I found her, on accident, by my meandering through full time RV blogs and I haven’t looked back. Not only has she taken her own time to help me manage life with my child, but she has taken the time to help me manage myself as I take on new ways of interacting with my child. Christine definitely lives her life with a bright light and I’ve felt that she wants me to live life with that same light. Hope is (usually) abundant again for my family. And on the days where it’s all gone, she brings it back.” – Shannon (2012)

Christine met me where I was. She encouraged me. She helped me learn how to be comfortable with my own humanity as well as the humanity of my children. She has talked me down from more bridges than I can count and she has been there when I thought I couldn’t move another step. She helped me to let go, laugh and see past the behavior so that I could see my children for who they truly are. That advice helped me change the way I saw myself, my role as a mother and my children – changes that have brought healing and love to everyone in my family, including myself.” – from Cathy G. (2011)