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You Weren’t Born With That

Originally posted April 11, 2012 – not specifically about parenting, but definitely addresses our fears which can have a radical affect on how we respond to situations   We are only born with two fears. Only two of them have actually been embedded in our DNA. They are there for survival. The fear of falling. The fear of loud noises. Every other fear you have has been learned. Gonna’ say it one more time. Every other fear you have has […]


Toxic Ruptures

  “When parents have leftover or unresolved issues, they are especially at risk for entering into toxic ruptures with their children. Parents can become lost in the depths of a low-road state, and even if they recognize the toxic rupture, they will be unlikely to be able to repair it until they have centered themselves. The centering often requires that parent disconnect themselves from the interaction with their child.”   “If parents stay on the low road and continue to […]


Turn That Frown Upside Down

“It is very difficult to frown when looking at someone who smiles.” “The act of smiling, itself, actually makes us feel better. Rather than smiling being a result of feeling good.”


The Right Thing Is Sometimes the Hardest Thing

Originally posted on August 29, 2011 I have been learning so much much from “Parenting From the Inside Out.” One of the things that has really stuck with me is how we work through situations with other people. This, of course, is true in parenting, but it fits every relationship. Check this out. We all can figure out that when something is said or an experience happens, we receive it. Then we process it (grapple with what just happened, what […]


A New Way To View Empathy


Summer Time, When the Living is … *Deep Breath*

Originally posted July 6, 2014 I am experiencing something right now that so many of you do every year. However, it is brand new to me. I have a child attending public school, so this is my first “have them home all summer” thing. Normally, all of my kids are here all the time, and you just learn to pace yourself. I’ve written before that we needed to make some changes for everyone, and this was a great decision. No […]


Damn That Dan Hughes!

Originally posted March 2, 2011     My sincere apologies to Mr. Hughes, as I mean it with the utmost respect. You see, he kicks my butt. I am finally working my way through his most recent book, “Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children.” And, as I said … it is kicking my BUUUUUTT. In a good way. What I really, really love about this work is that it’s not a book specifically for parenting traumatized children. It’s […]



This article was originally posted in January of 2011   I have some friends who encourage me by saying, “Are you still keeping up with your running?” Some say, “Have you created anything this week?” Another may throw out a, “How are those food choices going?” My friend, Lisa, always asks me, “Are you guys tapping?” Or gives me a, “Don’t forget to tap!” It always comes at a great time. Typically it is when one of my kids has […]


Making Conferences Possible

Originally posted March 17, 2011   I have an idea. A brilliant idea and one that I believe will be well-received and supported by many people who surround you. There are so many parents who desperately need something like the Parenting in Space Conference that is just around the corner, in Chicago (notice the subtle plug … perhaps because I’m gonna’ BE there?!?). Yet, they can barely get their shirt on straight every morning. If they aren’t spending their extra […]

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There Is No Magic Pill, Right?

Originally posted April 29, 2014   If you are like me, you are an animal when it comes to seeking out help for your kids.  From struggles with learning, to finding clothes that fit right as their bodies grow and change, to learning about all the therapy options for mental and emotional health issues … we advocate for the little and the big. (photo by Tibor Fazakas; used with permission) I touted mindfulness mediation almost a year ago when I wrote: […]


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