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The Small Victories Are Huge

photo by Jose Bernalte, used with permission The following email is from a family I have coached.  We hadn’t talked in awhile, and it was a pleasant surprise to see their name show up in my inbox back in 2012. Healing is slow and takes patience.  Sometimes that isn’t just referring to our kids, but actually referring to us as parents.  It was such a thrill to hear from them, and read their excitement. I love a million things about this […]

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Oh Right, Mother’s Day

Originally posted in May 2012     We can do this. You’re not alone. It’s not fair to any of us.  It’s hard for everyone in this walk. Let’s try to remember that. Allow space for that.

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Is It What You Expected?

From a blog post on April 2, 2009: “Someone asked me last night if this is worse than we expected, even though we researched our kids’ issues and went in with our eyes as wide open as possible to parenting reactive attachment disorder. There is no way to answer something like that without living it. Training is training, but the gross stuff is much more gross when you’re dealing with it directly. The behaviors are much more exhausting in real […]


We’re Learning How to Love Each Other

Rewritten from original post on July 28, 2010 Many mothers who are parenting children from the hard places carry around a massive amount of guilt. They feel guilty that sometimes they don’t want to be around their child. They have no loving feelings for them. They pull away from a hug or touch just as much as their child. They know that the bonding stuff is the medicine their child so desperately needs, but the thought of doing it makes […]

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